By necessity, in this post-Brexit, climate emergency age, we have become considered travellers. Overseas trips are still on the agenda, but call for thoughtful rationing and meticulous planning.

There are positives. Fewer trips mean better-cherished memories, and fewer flights allow for an enriched slow travel experience.

As someone who has used more than my fair share of carbon budget, I relish the challenge of organising trips that sit comfortably. If you too harbour dreams and concerns in equal measure – get in touch to hatch a reduced carbon plan.

Below are some of the possibilities, but the only limit is our imagination!


alpine rock

There are endless opportunities for lofty rocky adventures. All sizes. All grades.

classic alpine

Snowy peaks via classic lines – pre-dawn starts, spectacular sunrises, mountain views in every direction.

sunny sport climbing

Extend your climbing year with some winter sun rock!


With ropes or without, in boots or running shoes – the geology of North Wales is a scramblers paradise…

Mountain Skills

Navigation. Route Finding. Steep ground. If you need to brush up…


Golden granite at every grade. Delicious. If you fancy a taster …